Automation & Deployment

Four Alarm Fire usea a variety of tools including Terraform, Ansible, Vagrant, Packer, Docker Compose and Salt for automation, infrastructure management, configuration management and deployment.


Security is a specialty. Four Alarm Fire can advise on and implement threat modeling, data protection practices & compliance, encryption needs & best practices, intrusion detection and compartmentalization as needed.


Four Alarm Fire can host your services for you, whether it's your website, apps, email or phone service. Options include both managed and unmanaged virtual machines, traditional website/email hosting, remote VoIP solutions, virutalized firewalls for VPNs and tunneling, as well as any custom solution you may need. Geographical diversity is also an option! Using industry-standard tools such as the ELK stack, grafana and icinga, monitoring is handled as well.


Communication is key! Four Alarm Fire can help with all your configuration channels - email, telephone/Voice-over-IP, live chat systems, internal team chat & collaboration and mailing lists.

Grassroots Groups

Community is of the utmost importance to Four Alarm Fire. We all have to look out for each other, especially with the current state of affairs in the world. Grassroots organizations are encouraged to get in touch, as special pay-what-you-can arrangements may be available. 1


Four Alarm Fire considers privacy important, and recognizes that it's a major issue right now. To support efforts to uphold people's rights to privacy, Four Alarm Fire can often help our customers who wish to remain anonymous. Cash and cryptocurrency are accepted, and you can get setup with nothing more than an email address or a jabber account. 2

Rates & Packages

For consulting services, Four Alarm Fire has several options: setup a retainer for a number of hours a month, prepay a number of hours that you can deduct from as needed, or negotiate a fixed rate for a specific project or goal. For hosted services, you can be invoiced on a regular basis (e.g. monthly), or you can prepay an amount from which the costs will be deducted.

Additional Information

Cookies: There are no cookies in use on this page, nor any analytics/tracking. There may be cookies on other sites under the control of Four Alarm Fire - these will be detailed on the individual site.

Data retention: Four Alarm Fire by default retains copies of all emails and/or jabber messages received for 90 days, however, you may opt out simply by requesting they not be retained. Should you opt out, all reasonable attempts to delete the data will be taken. Information used for billing (payment details, address, name), if provided, is retained for as long as is relevant and up to 90 days afterwards, unless you request otherwise; upon request all reasonable attempts to delete this data will be taken. A history of payments (transaction amount and method) is retained for accounting purposes. IP addresses and user agent information may be collected due to technical implementation, but no attempts are made to retain this data.

Data privacy and use: Information collected for billing and payment purposes is used only for such purposes. Contact details may be additionally used in order to provide status updates about the services run by Four Alarm Fire, billing/payment reminders, and to resolve abuse complaints. Information is not shared with any external properties.

Terms of Use: Non-payment, or lack of funds in a prepaid account when payment is due, may result in services being suspended after 14 calendar days, after which, an additional 10% or $25 late fee may become due. The original payment amount, and any late fee, will need to be paid before services are resumed. Services may be terminated after 30 calendar days of nonpayment. Abuse of our network or others, unsolicited bulk email, illegal pornography, hate speech and/or incitement of violence towards marginalized/protected groups will result in services being suspended or terminated. The definitions of marginalized/protected groups, hate speech, and abuse are deteremined solely by Four Alarm Fire. Any sentences containing "may" in this section will be interpreted as being at the sole discretion of Four Alarm Fire; "services" will be interpreted as referring to any service (hosted or otherwise) or contract provided by Four Alarm Fire.

1 Payment arrangements for Grassroots groups: At the sole discretion of Four Alarm Fire, grassroots groups may be offered services on a pay-what-you-can basis. Not all groups are eligible, and this offer is not always available.

2 Anonymous registrations: Four Alarm Fire may allow customers to contract and pay for services with a minimum of personal information. The minimum required information is a name/handle, a way of contacting you, and the methods through which you will be making payments. Specific services may require the collection of additional data, such as (but not strictly limited to) project and access information for consulting services, or preferred configurations for hosted services. In some instances, Four Alarm Fire may assign you a 'codename' for making payments or to communicate with. Primarily to combat fraud and abuse, Four Alarm Fire reserves the right not to offer this unilaterally to everyone, particularly in the context of specific payment methods, configurations, services or combinations thereof, as defined by Four Alarm Fire.


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